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Transform Any Idea Into
Mesmerising Videos In Just 3 Simple Steps


Create Videos In 4 Ways:

  • Generate Using AI Chat
  • Turn Any URL into Video
  • Select from 150+ Templates
  • Start from Blank Canvas

Customize it With
Drag-n-Drop Editor

(Completely Optional)

  • 1.5 Million+ Stock Videos and Images
  • 500+ Fonts to Chose From
  • Breathtaking Animations, Shapes, Icons & More
  • Add Music, Text to Speech or Upload Your Own Audio

Ready to Publish

  • Export as MP4 Video
  • Copy, Duplicate, Customize and add Watermarks
  • Create Unlimited Long-Length Videos for Clients With Commercial License

Video Creation Fully Automated With
Revolutionary Next-Gen AI

Idea and Script

No more research and brainstorming, AI will find trending and most relevent topic and write a story style content around it.



Let A.I break the content into multiple scenes. Keep the content engaging, hooking and get more views on your content.

Publish Video

Let Our Ultra Fast Rendering Servers Render Your Video to Publish Right Away.

Finding Images & Video

No need to pay 100s of dollars for stock images and vidoes. Our AI will find best suitable stock media and add to your video.

Adding Voiceover & Music

Nothing looks good on screen without an audio and good music. Add Human-sounding voiceover or Music in a click


Adding Animation

Our AI will automatically add smooth transtions, animation according to content to keep your views hooked.

Create Pro Quality Videos In Seconds
For Any Type of Business and In Any Language

Dog Training With Voice

Weight Loss With Voice

Tourism With Voice

Ecommerce Video

Food Video

Sustainability Tips

Self Care Video

Cooking Video

Fitness Video

Travel Video

No matter what you sell, what service you provide… AI Videos Can Do Miracles For Your Business

But Video Creation is Not So Simple, Without AI You need To...

Hello Intelligent Marketer,

If you have been selling anything online, providing services, consultant or even bought something online ever, you know what a well informing video can do!

Your brain processes information faster than text. In fact, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster than text.

Video is Memorable.

Viewers retain 95% of a video’s message as compared to 10% if reading text

Video Grabs Attention.

78% of people watch online videos weekly, and 55% watch videos daily

Video Drives Action.

Including videos on your website can increase conversion rates by 80%

When a visitor watches a video on your Website, YoTube Channel, Facebook Page, Instagram account, TikTok channel or website, it instantly

  • Engages even the laziest buyers
  • Builds instant credibility about your brand
  • Appeals to users to consume more and more
  • Encourages people to talk about your product or service
  • Extremely simple to explain anything

Why Do People Watch A Video?

To learn more about products

To get purchasing advice

To relax in their spare time

To see new destinations

To gain more knowledge

To improve their skill

We designed AI Video Builder to make video creation easy, effortless and simple for everyone.
Create videos on any topic in seconds even if you don't have any technical skills or experience.

Simplify Video Creation, Cut Costs and Maximize ROI

With The Cutting-Edge
AI Video Builder...

Harness The Power of AI To Automate Video Creation A to Z!

Cut your workload, save money on freelancers and voice artists. Produce unlimited videos for personal and commercial use!

This Thing is a Lifesaver!
Can’t Get Enough of It!

Seriously, I’m not a writer, and scripting videos used to give me a headache. But AIVideoBuilder? Total game-changer! It writes stuff for me, picks the clips, and I have a cool video in no time. No more stress, and I’m saving tons of time. Thanks, AIVideoBuilder!

Why Didn’t I Find This Sooner?
Saved Me a Bunch of Cash!

I used to dread making videos, all that writing and editing, ugh! But with AIVideoBuilder, it’s like having a buddy do it for me. It even throws in video suggestions! I’m making videos left and right, and it’s actually fun!

No More Scriptwriting Blues!
This is All I Need!

I’m all about making cool videos, but writing scripts? Not my thing. AIVideoBuilder took that worry off my plate. It writes, suggests videos, and bam! I’ve got a killer video in minutes. It’s my new secret weapon!

Designing and Animating? Easy Peasy!
Chatbot Feature is a Dream!

I’m not gonna lie, I used to struggle big time with designing and animating my videos – it was a real chore. But since I found AIVideoBuilder, it’s been a walk in the park! The design features are super user-friendly, and the animations? Smooth as butter!

Experience The True Power of AI

Discover The Powerful Features Packed
Into AIVideoBuilder...

Unlock Unlimited Commercial License For A One-Time Price!
Make Unlimited Videos: No Monthly Fees Ever!
Regular Price $67

Flaunt Your Videos...

On Every Social Platform

Endless Customization Options At Your Fingertips...

Fully Equiped With Advanced Video Editing Technologies!

4 Automated Way to Start From

  • Let A.I Write 100% Original Content With Just a Keyword
  • Convert Any Url or Website Into A Video With AI
  • Choose From 150+ Professionaly Designed Templates
  • Be a Master of Your Own Craft and Start From Scratch

Drag & Drop Editor

  • Drag any element and place anywhere.
  • Copy, Duplicate any shape, image, text etc.
  • Drag & Select, Group Elements
  • Copy & Paste style and properties of any element.

100s of Templates In Built

  • Professionally Designed Templates with Groups and Themes
  • Ready with Animation, Stock Media and Text Blocks.
  • Fit for Every Niche... Designed By Experts
  • Promo, Information, Learning, Blogging and more, Fit for Every Social Media Goal

Millions Of Stock Media Integrated

  • Stock Videos
  • Stock Images
  • Trending GIFs
  • Animated Stickers

Crop, Resize, Mask & More

  • Modify Images, Videos, Shapes with Quick Customization
  • Crop Any Image or Video
  • Add Filters, Borders and More
  • Mast Any Video or Image Inside Any Shapes

Global Upload Library

Access all of your uploads for current and previous campaigns at one place. Everything organised at a single place, easily accessible.

Visual Pop with Multimedia

Our Image, Videos, Gifs feature lets you add a variety of media types to your videos, making them more engaging and dynamic. Whether you want to include stunning images, videos, or gifs, our tool has got you covered.

Visual Pop with Multimedia Support

Stand Out with a Wide Range of Fonts

With our Unlimited Fonts feature, you can choose from a vast array of fonts to create a unique and visually appealing brand identity. From sleek and modern to playful and fun, our tool has a font to suit every style and tone.

Visual Pop with Multimedia Support

Stickers, Shapes, Icons and more

Enhance your videos with a range of design elements, including stickers, shapes, and icons. Create a unique and visually appealing look with this feature.

Global Upload Library

Add Some Animation

Our Animation Effects and Animation Configuration features let you add animation to your videos, making them more dynamic and engaging. Whether you want to add some subtle movement or create more elaborate animations, our tool has got you covered.

drag and drop

Make Images Pop with Filters

Add special effects to your images with this feature. Choose from a range of filters and overlays to create a cohesive visual aesthetic.

Visual Pop with Multimedia Support

Rearrange Your Video Slides

With our Reorder Slides feature, you can easily rearrange the order of your slides to create a more cohesive and effective video.

Global Upload Library

Layer Management

Customize and rearrange your layers for a polished look. You'll be able to fine-tune your videos, ensuring that every element is perfectly placed and aligned.

Global Upload Library

Encourage Action with CTAs

Our Call to Actions feature allows you to include calls to action in your videos, encouraging your audience to take specific actions, such as visiting your website or purchasing a product.

Visual Pop with Multimedia Support

Free Graphics, Icons & More

Our tool includes a wide range of free graphics, icons, and other design elements that you can use to enhance your videos. From stylish icons to playful graphics, our tool has got you covered.

Global Upload Library

Undo Mistakes

Our Redo, Undo, Duplicate feature lets you easily refine your videos

Global Upload Library


Align and distribute elments just like pro tools

Global Upload Library

Ready to Use Text Blocks

Our Ready to Use Text Blocks feature includes a range of pre-designed text blocks that will save you time and effort when creating your videos. Simply choose the text block that best fits your needs and customize it to your liking - it's that easy!

Global Upload Library

Advanced Layer Management

Customize and rearrange your layers for a polished look. Fine-tune your videos to ensure every element is perfectly placed and aligned.

Global Upload Library

Image Masking

Our Image Masking feature lets you mask or crop your images, helping you create a cohesive and polished look.

Global Upload Library

Text Styling

Our Text Related Edits feature allows you to customize the appearance of your text, including the font, size, and color.

Global Upload Library

Multiple Langauges

Create videos in multiple languages to reach a wider audience and expand your reach.

Global Upload Library

Doing it Manually Vs AIVideoBuilder


  • Spend Hours Trying To Create Videos
  • Buy Expensive Video Editor or Cloud Memberships To Create Videos
  • Learn Video Animation and Design.
  • Hire Expensive Freelancers and Voice Artists!
  • Need Expensive Computer Equipment To Render Videos

With Revideo
  • Save Time: Automate Video Creation With AI!
  • Save Money: Unlimited Video Creation Inside One Platform.
  • Fully Automated: No Technical Skills or Experience Needed.
  • Fast & Easy: Render Videos From Any Browser Without Worry!
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AIVideoBuilder Is Backed By A Full 30 Days
Money Back Guarantee!


Yes, you heard it right. 30 Days Iron Clad Money back.

If you are not fully satisfied, email us for a full refund within 30 days at [email protected]

Customer satisfation is our #1 priority.

We are constantly taking customer feedback and improving the app to make the best in the market!

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AI Video Builder offers unlimited video creation without any monthly fees at a low one-time price. Don't miss out!


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  • URL Video Creator: Convert URLs to Video Using AI

  • 100+ Premium Template Slides: Choose from 100+ Templates in Multiple Niches

  • AI Idea Generator: Generate Unique Ideas with AI

  • AI Video Content Creator: Generate Video Content Using AI

  • Auto Voiceover: Convert Slide Content into Human-sounding Voiceover Using AI

  • Music: 100+ Premium Music to Add in 1-Click

  • HD Quality: Export Your Videos In Crystal Clear Quality 

  • Drag & Drop Editor: Smoothest Ever Drag and Drop Editor with 100+ Features

  • Stock Integration: Over 3 Million+ Stock Images, Videos, GIFs, Shapes with Search

  • Animation: Animate Images, Shapes, Videos in 1-Click

  • Upload Your Own Images & Videos

  • Upload Your Own Music

  • Image & Video Masking

  • Image & Video Filters and Overlays

  • Multiple Language Supported

  • 500+ Fonts to Choose From

  • Advanced Layer Management

  • 30+ Ready-to-Use Text Blocks

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